Sunday, June 20, 2010


Until now, I've kept a Livejournal account. I really like Livejournal but lately I've started to suspect that it simply isn't quite the great thing it use to be. The thing I most like about live journal is the friends page, and I'll probably continue to use it to maintain my personal riding journals and such. What I dislike about live journal is that there is no way for me to easily link the posts to Twitter. And since I'm obsessed with Twitter it makes more sense to start an account on BlogSpot.

I'm going to steadily post some of my old live journal entries to this blog.

There are a few thing people should know about me.

I'm and equestrian. My horses are my first and last priority. I own two, Nagg and her daughter Dilemma (frequently called the DemonSpawn). In addition to my girls, I'm also the sole rider of Spooner, who is my very own soul mate. I'm a working student at a dressage stable where my duties include cleaning stall, general barn chores, occasionally teaching lessons, and starting the young horses. The stable is owned my two people who are not only my mentors but whom I also consider my surrogate parents. Oh yeah, and I live in a barn. Literally. My apartment is tucked into the back of the stable.

I am a farm girl. I grew up on a part time farm where my family raised beef cattle, hogs, sheep, and had horses. As a child I was an active member of 4-H, and my fondest high school memories all include the antics I participated in as an FFA member. I am passionate about farmers rights. I feel that everyone should spend six months living and working on a farm.

I love to read. I have never lived in a home that doesn't have piles of books in every corner. When I was little my Dad taught me how to read. The book he chose for my education was none other than Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. My favorite books include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Misty Trilogy, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and The Hero and the Crown.

I AM a professional writer. It says so on my tax forms. Currently I am a webcontent writer, which means I write lots of SEO articles and some product descriptions. While content writing isn't as glamorous as some other types of writing and I seldom get a byline, at least it is a paying gig. Plus, it has taught me to keep my butt in the chair and keep writing, even if I am working on a topic that is so tedious I'm afraid my brain is going to leak out my ears.

In addition to the webcontent writing, I am also working on two YA novels, that I hope to someday see published.

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