Sunday, June 20, 2010

When the Bough Breaks

This was originally posted to my LiveJournal account in 2009

Yikes, I just sent the first three chapters of BOUGH to a beta reader. Up until today only a few select people have been allowed to read it. This is the first time that someone who doesn't know me really well will have seen it and commented on it (I didn't think it was ready to be submitted to the breakout novel contest). There is something about the idea of someone reading my novel that literally makes me sick. The only thing I can compare it to is coming up to a drop fence on the cross country course.

Anyway, now that I have gotten over that hurdle if anyone is interested in being a beta reader please let me know and I'll send the same three chapters your way. I have a really thick skin (the result of years of riding lessons) and handle criticism really well. I know that BOUGH needs a lot of punctuation help, and I am looking for advice about the storyline and character development.

Leave a comment if you are interested.

Oh yeah, BOUGH is a YA horse story that I guess falls into the category of literary fiction. I've tried to gear it for an older teen audience. There is a really graphic foaling scene. Although the characters are a figment of my imagination, many of the (horse related) events have been taken directly from my own life story.

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