Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Non-Fiction 5 Contest

I'm participating in Trish's non-fiction 5 contests,

I wish I could say I loved my June no-fiction choice, but I didn't. This month I read DiMaggio Setting the Record Straight.

The book wasn't badly written, the problem is the content. It's a book about DiMaggio, it seems like it should quite a bit of baseball, but the author took a different approach. The first four chapters covered DiMaggio's baseball career, and that was it. Playing with his brothers all the way through his retirement in a mere four chapters.

Since I'm really not interested in baseball, I might not have noticed the lack of baseball if the book had included more about Marilyn Monroe, which does interest me, but nope, one chapter was dedicated to that portion of DiMaggio's life.

Instead of baseball and romance, the book was full of numbers. The author spent most of the book writing about how much money DiMaggio earned each time he signed a baseball or card.

When I bought this book I thought it I'd be sharing it with my dad, who is a baseball fan. I figured it would be a book we could discuss the next time we travel somewhere together, but now that I've read the book I can safely say that this is one book that will be making a trip to the local GoodWill.

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